Our Services

SLH is a leading Power System construction company, priding ourselves on providing full turnkey solutions for our clients. Specializing in the design and construction of power distribution and temporary power systems, high and medium voltage substations, and relevant civil work, we are committed to developing innovative solutions for any logistical challenges.

What we do

Medium and High Voltage


  • Ductbank configuration and routing
  • Substation and transformer layout
  • Station ground electrode design
  • Concrete pad design
  • Fuse selection study / primary device protection
  • Wood and concrete pole design
  • CAD drawings

Transit and Rail

  • Overhead catenary system (OCS)
  • Traction power substation (TPSS) installation and Pfisterer termination
  • Dry system conduit network and manholes
  • Maintenance Facility civil work

Civil Work

  • Ductbanks, excavation, backfill
  • Concrete, pre-cast, fire separation walls
  • Pole bases
  • Utility vaults and equipment pads


  • Equipment examination
  • Identification of safety issues and potential hazards
  • Transformer oil sample testing
  • Clearing of debris from equipment area
  • Transformer turn ratio testing
  • Contact resistance testing
  • Fuse link resistance testing
  • Cable insulation testing