Some of Our Projects

With over 60 years of combined experience, SLH has worked on dozens of projects in commercial, industrial, transit, and aviation facilities.

Project 1 – Industrial

$1.5M contract with a major manufacturing facility in the Greater Toronto Area. Our work involved replacing 27.6 kV and 13.2 kV substations throughout the facility in carefully planned shutdowns to minimize disruption to manufacturing operations.

  • Installation of 27.6 kV and 13.2 kV switchgear and metering cabinets
  • Installation of new ductbanks and overhead runs
  • Connection to temporary 2500 W generator for continued manufacturing operation
  • Installation of temporary and permeant HV cable trays
  • Demolition of old equipment

Project 2 – Commercial

$3.2M contract with a major retail and shopping centre in the Greater Toronto Area. Our work involved re-configuring the power distribution with new and replacement substations. SLH performed both civil and electrical wok throughout the property while minimizing impact on retail spaces.

  • 13.8 kV installations in Substations and HV Rooms
  • Installation of 600 amp at 15 kV cable bus system, metering cabinets, SCADA rack
  • Installation of new duct banks

Project 3- Transit

$8M contract at a major transit facility in Ontario. SLH delivered civil works for dry utilities, overhead catenary system bases, and installation of 27.6 kV equipment.

  • Introduction of 27.6 kV distribution and temporary power throughout the entire facility
  • Installation of transformer, switchgear, and generator pads
  • Installation of over 200 overhead catenary system (OCS) bases
  • Setting and routing of 4″ ductbank for dry utilities
  • Installation of cable vaults